SUNZ Insurance Announces $5M Capital Contribution for Year Ending 2016

By January 16, 2017News

Bradenton, FL (January 12, 2017) – SUNZ Insurance Company, a large deductible workers’ compensation carrier with a niche market for Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs), Staffing Agencies and large companies, today announced that SUNZ Holdings, which is the parent company of the carrier and wholly owned by Steven F. Herrig, completed a $5 million capital contribution in 2016 to SUNZ Insurance Company purposed for future growth.

“This funding provides the carrier with a strong financial foundation to support the continued delivery of our workers’ compensation services, provide improved ways to meet policyholders’ expectations, and extend the reach of our sales,” said Herrig, CEO of SUNZ. “Importantly, it will provide SUNZ with sufficient funds to execute the next phase of the carrier’s business plan. I am very pleased with the progress made by SUNZ and look forward to many years of continued profitability. There are significant additional capital contributions planned for 2017.”

Therese A. Stevens, President of SUNZ Insurance Company, said, “The commitment demonstrated by Steve Herrig confirms the confidence he has in the carrier’s past and present performance and the future national growth strategy envisioned,” Stevens also stated, “This investment will continue to enhance our staff, infrastructure and technology to deliver qualitative and quantitative results that support the carrier’s value proposition.”

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